Chris the Story Reading Ape’s Blog–the first of our links to writing resources

Can apes read? Can they run a website? Well, in some cases they can–virtually. Read this article to understand how Chris Graham came up with the unusual title (no, he’s NOT really an ape–of course). He provides great resources to authors around the world and also some wonderful benefits to readers. Like announcements of discounts or new books from favorite writers.

Worth Noting (9) Things We Think You Should Check Out on the Web

Electric planes! Don’t laugh, companies are working on them. Or how about hooking up pods to the bottom of an “airframe” like cargo containers are moved by rail and truck? Yes, those too are under consideration. Sounds good for cargo, but kinda weird for passengers. Kind of like connecting a cabin like those cars that take you from one terminal to another or out to a plane. Maybe or maybe not. Just more of the odd stuff you can check out on the web–but may come true someday.

Previews of Articles Coming in April

It’s not too late to plan that summer vacation, but don’t dawdle. If you can’t get there this year, we’ll tell you about places that will still be worthwhile another time. Looking for a good book? We’ll review a few for a variety of tastes. Plus if you want to write one yourself, we’ll offer some fresh tips that might come in handy to reach an audience or make it read well. As always, we’ll provide excerpts and links to interesting items we found on the web and this time an interview with a person making a difference.

Weight Loss Techniques That Work

Really determined to lose weight this time? If you’re disappointed in failures from past years or dubious about some of the claims you see advertised on TV, consider a simpler approach that worked for the author and his wife. It’s FREE! No books, no videos, no membership fees, no meetings and no travel. Yes, it’s a do-it-yourself approach. What have you got to lose–but some extra pounds! Just take a peek, it may be what will work for you.

An Interview with a Buddha

Something a little different this month, an interview with an anonymous subject. This person has been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for many years. As with other similar people profiled here, the person has accomplished much. But this time we’re going to focus less on achievements and more on exploring what it means to be a Buddha. Simply put, it means you’re in charge of your own life.

Estimating Income Needs in Retirement

How much will need to live on in retirement? Perhaps a percentage of your current income? If you want to save enough to have a secure or comfortable retirement, you need to make a better estimate of future expenses. We’ll tell you where to start and suggest some tools to help you get there. It’s your life and your future–you should plan for it while you can if you want to enjoy it.

Building that Dream House, a Boomer Fantasy

Maybe you don’t like what the developers are offering at the nearby subdivisions. The floor plans just aren’t what you’re looking for. You want a house that fits your dreams. A house with rooms that serve your needs. Yes, a custom home will cost more in most cases. How much more depends on how grand your dreams are , where you want it built and other factors. But if you have a dream, why not go for it. Read on for how the author and his wife made it happen and how you can too.

Smorgasbord, Variety is the Spice of Life–the fifth of our links to writer sites

Sally Cronin’s fabulous site is indeed a smorgasbord, with a potpourri of posts across a broad topical spectrum. There’s health, nutrition medical news. She freely promotes fellow authors. Most importantly, Sally tells readers about her own books–providing reviews and telling us where to get them. She’s been a storyteller most of her life, she says.

Vietnam and Waiting for Westmoreland–two anniversaries

Most people, I suspect, celebrate anniversaries as special occasions. These are different. They’re reference points in the tapestry of life. Signposts of events that have significantly affected the trajectory of my existence or describe it. Arriving in Vietnam 50 years ago. Writing a book about what transpired and how it changed me for the better.

Let’s Go to Walt Disney World

It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. Be advised: this is not a “wing it” vacation. Planning is essential if you’re to make the most of your family’s time and money. Juanita explains it all–well much of it anyway. We don’t have enough room here. But she tells you where you can find out more.