The Fountain and More–creating a short story collection

Here’s a feature on The Fountain, a collection of short stories by John Maberry. Many readers are in a hurry and don’t want epic novels. They like is short fiction that they can read on the run. This fits the bill. Seven short fantasy and sci-fi stories that total about one quarter of an average novel. Twists, humor and popular topics with some retro items.

The Photography of Daisaku Ikeda

On many occasions, we have featured experiences and commentary based on readings of Daisaku Ikeda, leader of the SGI, an international Buddhist lay organization. This month we are highlighting another aspect of his leadership–his ability to capture life moments through a camera with a technique referred to as amateur but somehow seems anything but.

Saving for Retirement–Getting an Early Start

At some point, you might like to stop working for a living and enjoy life on your own terms. At the beginning of your working years, retirement is a distant dream. But you should still plan for and make financial contributions to that plan if you want to have a better shot at that dream–and the means to enjoy life on your terms.

Cirque du Soleil–Go See Them

So what makes Cirque du Soleil special? Why spend the extra bucks to see another circus? Because, of course, they are NOT just another circus. We’ve been to seven of them and can assure you they’re worth it. But get close, as close as you can. But don’t take our word for it; we have some great video clips uploaded to YouTube by the Cirque itself to prove it.

Self-Driving Cars–Sooner or Later?

Self-driving cars—coming soon to a road near you? Maybe the computer can act more quickly than a human brain, but what if it fails? Will a driver be so inured to leisure that he or she won’t take over–assuming that they can? Consider the pros and cons. We come down on the cons–for now. Yes, it may be a boon in the future, but let’s make sure we get it right.

Worth Noting (7) Things We Think You Should Check Out on the Web

You’re already on the web, so why not check out some of the interesting things we found here recently. Like a great photo of Jupiter’s red spot. Or the strange aftermath of a fish spill (yes, that’s what happened) on an Oregon highway. Finally, some cool gadgets for summer–at the pool, the park or wherever you might be enjoying yourself.

Previews of Articles Coming in October

A big issue coming in October. A special commemorative feature on author/publisher John Maberry’s 2007 memoir on how his experience in Vietnam led to the great fortune of practicing Buddhism. Planning a trip to Orlando’s Walt Disney World–how far out to plan and why to go there. An interesting and exciting interview and much more.

Nicholas C. Rossis–the fourth of our links to writer sites

While a successful author in his own right, Nicholas Rossis spends a great deal of time sharing the knowledge he has gained in marketing, advertising and promoting his own books to fellow authors. Getting right down to the nitty gritty, he explains what has worked for him–how well and at what cost, otherwise know as ROI

Jean’s Writing—the third of our links to writer sites

Jean Cogdell posts tips and information useful to fellow writers on her blog at jean’s writing. She has written three children’s books and a daily journal. She also has had items published in a variety of magazines. She’s been writing for a while, but she doesn’t say how long. She does say this about her […]

March Madness

NO, it’s not about basketball–it’s stuff we hope you’ll find funny, if a little quirky. Some have previously appeared on John Maberry’s Writings or Views from Eagle Peak. Others are brand new. Let’s start with a recent one from John’s Writings–The Thief with a Bellyache. Next, it’s the power of a sneeze, a new item.