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Author with Larry the Lizard

John Maberry dreamed of being a writer from second grade. Life got in his way. He survived a hard childhood, a year in Vietnam at the height of the war, drugs and failed marriages. Still, he got some writing in here and there. After graduating with top honors from college, he earned a JD at Georgetown. But he got out of the legal business for reasons Waiting for Westmoreland make clear. He went to work in local government where he spent years writing consumer education materials and government reports. Not as boring as it may sound, but nothing like the dream. When asked by coworkers his post-retirement plans, he told them he’d be writing Waiting for Westmoreland–including the title. Five years to the month after retiring, he published the book just as he promised. The memoir had to come first, before the novels he had in mind.

Later, he relocated from his Northern Virginia home–with its traffic, noise, heat and humidity to scenic New Mexico. That move and other priorities, stalled the transition to speculative fiction, mysteries and writing genres. Finally, a collection of speculative fiction stories is coming early in 2017. He’s also working on a few novels, planning for one every one to two years. No more delays, time is fleeting. When not working on the novels or the websites, the family will be enjoying life in their dream home high atop a hill. His wife of 35 years has her quilting/craft room. He has an office shared with an energetic dog who lounges on a loveseat behind him when not out chasing rabbits.  He’s a happy man and a funny guy (strange/weird his wife says).

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