The Dream House

The wonderful thing about a custom built home is that you can have everything exactly as you want. The terrible thing about a custom built home is that you can have everything exactly as you want. Huh? Yes, they’re both true. You actually have to decide what you want. Well, isn’t that the whole point? Yes, but the decisions never stop until all the furnishings are in their final place. For some, it all may be simple enough. For others, it may be so daunting they wouldn’t even consider it. Of course, for many it’s not an option due to the expense or the time it takes to completion.

Don’t Be a Settler

“We’re settlers.” Sound familiar? If you watch TV much you may have seen the silly commercials for DirecTV trying to switch you from cable to their satellite television service. The commercial make a good analogy. The point? Accepting shortcomings rather than challenging them. We stay up too late. We mean to apply for that promotion. We want […]

Wayne Shorter Video–No Such Thing as Failure

There’s no such thing as failure, explains Shorter. Rather, obstacles present opportunities. Watch this video to see how he encourages youth in California through his many years of experience as a musician. He is constantly reinventing himself, going in new musical directions. That becomes obvious listening to the clips from performances with various groups.

Wisdom versus Knowledge

Renowned musician Herbie Hancock is the 2014 Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry at Harvard University. In that capacity, he delivered six lectures on The Ethics of Jazz. In this video clip from Buddhism and Creativity, his fifth lecture, he explains the difference between wisdom and knowledge. See the full video for more you’ll like.