An Interview with D.G. Kaye

D.G. Kaye is a memoir and nonfiction writer living in Canada. She’s already published five books and has begun accumulating material for the next. Her most recent book, “P.S. I Forgive You,” came out in September came out in September. It’s received glowing reviews. Our interview covers her start in writing, including her choice to self-publish. She offers insights into the struggles to overcome family discord–reflected in her books. She also provides tips for fellow or would-be writers.

An Interview with Bob Tansey

Robert Tansey, known by most people as Bob, recently returned to live and work in Washington, DC after six years in Beijing, China. He retired from the U.S. Foreign Service in 2009 and went to work with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), an international non-profit organization. [For more on TNC, see our feature on them in […]

An Interview with Susan Zipp

Susan Zipp lives in the San Francisco Bay Area yet her passion for international affairs takes her all around the world. Wearing many hats to make the world a better, more peaceful place, she works in affiliation with the United Nations to empower the individual, particular women and children, and develops interactive group networks to address global issues at the local level.

An Interview with Stephanie Tansey

Stephanie Tansey currently lives and works in Beijing, China as an editor with New World Press. She also teaches at Beijing Normal University. There she aids graduate students in developing dialogue skills for creating sustainable communities. She is also a co-founder of the Earth Charter Communities Network (ECCN), which, as its website says, “is a social enterprise that uses dialogue