Chris the Story Reading Ape’s Blog–the first of our links to writing resources

Can apes read? Can they run a website? Well, in some cases they can–virtually. Read this article to understand how Chris Graham came up with the unusual title (no, he’s NOT really an ape–of course). He provides great resources to authors around the world and also some wonderful benefits to readers. Like announcements of discounts or new books from favorite writers.

Smorgasbord, Variety is the Spice of Life–the fifth of our links to writer sites

Sally Cronin’s fabulous site is indeed a smorgasbord, with a potpourri of posts across a broad topical spectrum. There’s health, nutrition medical news. She freely promotes fellow authors. Most importantly, Sally tells readers about her own books–providing reviews and telling us where to get them. She’s been a storyteller most of her life, she says.

Nicholas C. Rossis–the fourth of our links to writer sites

While a successful author in his own right, Nicholas Rossis spends a great deal of time sharing the knowledge he has gained in marketing, advertising and promoting his own books to fellow authors. Getting right down to the nitty gritty, he explains what has worked for him–how well and at what cost, otherwise know as ROI

Jean’s Writing—the third of our links to writer sites

Jean Cogdell posts tips and information useful to fellow writers on her blog at jean’s writing. She has written three children’s books and a daily journal. She also has had items published in a variety of magazines. She’s been writing for a while, but she doesn’t say how long. She does say this about her […]

D.G. Kaye Writer—the 2nd of our links to writer sites

As we noted in the last Quarterly, our redesigned site now features new links. This issue includes an introduction to D.G. Kaye, our second link in the Writer category. Kaye is the author of five books published in digital format, as well as in paper. Her site features tips for writers. Some by herself and some as reposts by other writers/bloggers. She also offers reviews of books by others and much more. See the item for a link to a free copy of her most recent book.

Brainpickings–a contemplative curation of writers and one of our weblinks

When we redesigned this site we added two new categories of weblinks–writers and writing resources. We will move on alphabetically through those two categories, exploring the links one by one. This month we begin with writer Maria Popova’s website, Brain Pickings. She says about site: “Brain Pickings is my one-woman labor of love — a subjective lens on what matters in the world and why. Mostly, it’s a record of my own becoming as a person”

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions–a new weblink

C2ES is the successor to the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. It’s a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization funded by support from philanthropic, corporate and individual contributors. While the issue of climate change may still be regarded as myth by some, there should be little disagreement that fossil fuel resources are finite. Hence, managing the […]

Worth Noting (2)–Things we think you should check out on the web

Here’s a little sample of this issue’s items we suggest checking out: Bile, Venom and Lies—a very informative and enlightening chronicle of how Fareed Zakaria (foreign affairs columnist, host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS and a contributing editor to the Atlantic) was trolled. If you visit other websites and participate in at least some social media you are undoubtedly familiar with trolls. Zakaria describes what happened to him–taking trolling to its extreme.

The Nature Conservancy–one of our weblinks

What is the Nature Conservancy? It’s a non-profit organization founded in 1951 but descended from the Ecological Society of America, created in 1915. It partners with governments and landowners by acquiring enforceable conservation easements to restrict use of land. Sometimes private owners retain the land, in other cases the Conservancy donates land to government agencies. From the small organization that began in 1915, it has grown to over one million members.

An Introduction to the ACLU–one of our weblinks

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)—controversial but essential. Their perspective is the U.S. Constitution, focusing on the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights exists to avoid a tyranny of the majority and the overreaching by government officials. As such, the ACLU sues  to stop actions that may be very popular among some segments of […]