About the Author

The author on recliner with friendly lizard
Author with Larry the Lizard

John Maberry dreamed of being a writer from second grade. Life got in his way. He supplies details in Waiting for Westmoreland, describing how he came to have a happy and successful life. That, after surviving a hard childhood, failed marriages, an eye opening year in Vietnam and more. He finished the memoir five years after retiring from a local government job in busy Northern Virginia.

That’s John in the photo, relaxing with his friend Larry the Lizard. He met Larry in Mimbres, New Mexico. John and his wife relocated to scenic New Mexico in 2011 That move and other priorities, stalled the transition to speculative fiction, mysteries and writing genres. ‘The Fountain,’ a collection of speculative fiction stories, came out in July, 2017. The Tenth Anniversary Edition of Waiting for Westmoreland came out it September 2017 as well–with a forward and other enhancements.

He’s working on short stories and novels now. Jumped by a Deadly Cholla, a fantasy and science fiction anthology came out in April 2023. An SF mystery will be out in 2024, along with a nonfiction assortment of the best of Eagle Peak Press articles. When not working on their pursuits, the family enjoys life in their dream home high atop a hill. His wife of 40+ years has her quilting/craft room. He has an office shared with an energetic dog who lounges on a loveseat behind him. He’s a happy man and a funny guy (strange/weird his wife says).