Sleep Apnea–Know the Symptoms and Don’t Ignore It

You’ve heard about sleep apnea, right? You know what a CPAP is, too. But you don’t think you have the problem and you sure don’t want to wear a CPAP to bed, do you! Well, denial of a problem doesn’t make it go away. Learn about the immediate and long-term consequences of untreated sleep apnea. Read the author’s personal experience with it story and the facts you need to know.

Weight Loss Techniques That Work

Really determined to lose weight this time? If you’re disappointed in failures from past years or dubious about some of the claims you see advertised on TV, consider a simpler approach that worked for the author and his wife. It’s FREE! No books, no videos, no membership fees, no meetings and no travel. Yes, it’s a do-it-yourself approach. What have you got to lose–but some extra pounds! Just take a peek, it may be what will work for you.

Building that Dream House, a Boomer Fantasy

Maybe you don’t like what the developers are offering at the nearby subdivisions. The floor plans just aren’t what you’re looking for. You want a house that fits your dreams. A house with rooms that serve your needs. Yes, a custom home will cost more in most cases. How much more depends on how grand your dreams are , where you want it built and other factors. But if you have a dream, why not go for it. Read on for how the author and his wife made it happen and how you can too.

The Dream House

The wonderful thing about a custom built home is that you can have everything exactly as you want. The terrible thing about a custom built home is that you can have everything exactly as you want. Huh? Yes, they’re both true. You actually have to decide what you want. Well, isn’t that the whole point? Yes, but the decisions never stop until all the furnishings are in their final place. For some, it all may be simple enough. For others, it may be so daunting they wouldn’t even consider it. Of course, for many it’s not an option due to the expense or the time it takes to completion.

Don’t Be a Settler

“We’re settlers.” Sound familiar? If you watch TV much you may have seen the silly commercials for DirecTV trying to switch you from cable to their satellite television service. The commercial make a good analogy. The point? Accepting shortcomings rather than challenging them. We stay up too late. We mean to apply for that promotion. We want […]

Wayne Shorter Video–No Such Thing as Failure

There’s no such thing as failure, explains Shorter. Rather, obstacles present opportunities. Watch this video to see how he encourages youth in California through his many years of experience as a musician. He is constantly reinventing himself, going in new musical directions. That becomes obvious listening to the clips from performances with various groups.

Wisdom versus Knowledge

Renowned musician Herbie Hancock is the 2014 Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry at Harvard University. In that capacity, he delivered six lectures on The Ethics of Jazz. In this video clip from Buddhism and Creativity, his fifth lecture, he explains the difference between wisdom and knowledge. See the full video for more you’ll like.