The Photography of Daisaku Ikeda

On many occasions, we have featured experiences and commentary based on readings of Daisaku Ikeda, leader of the SGI, an international Buddhist lay organization. This month we are highlighting another aspect of his leadership–his ability to capture life moments through a camera with a technique referred to as amateur but somehow seems anything but.

Cirque du Soleil–Go See Them

So what makes Cirque du Soleil special? Why spend the extra bucks to see another circus? Because, of course, they are NOT just another circus. We’ve been to seven of them and can assure you they’re worth it. But get close, as close as you can. But don’t take our word for it; we have some great video clips uploaded to YouTube by the Cirque itself to prove it.

Creating a Landscape Quilt

Always wanted to create a landscape quilt? In this case the picture is not worth 1,000 words. You still need to know how an image like this is created from fabric. Juanita Maberry, an accomplished quilter, explains how she does it and tells you how you too can make one. That’s assuming this isn’t your first quilt and you know how to do applique using a machine or by hand.

Parks–an Ilustrated Poem

An illustrated poem you can both read and see. The photos reveal inspiration for her impressions. The words describe the places. Here is a sample of the first three lines: Ice sheets carved the valleys and formed a mirror-like lake; Ice road meticulously created winding around mountains; Lots of ice long ago, alas no more.

Photos by Juanita

We live in the Southwest, so at any time of the year you might see a jackrabbit in the countryside. During its limited blooming time, you can see the beautiful agave or century plant. There are many jackrabbits at City of Rocks State Park. Sometimes some are in our neighborhood. The agave bloom over half of our property at certain elevations.