Reviews of Five Books We Recommend

Books–escape, information, inspiration. Read them on a device, in paper or listen to them in the car or at home. Check out the ones we reviewed and recommend here. They fit those reasons and more. We read a lot–you probably do too. We are constantly expanding our horizons, going beyond favorites, looking for new writers.

Something New: Book Reviews

As a writer, editor and publisher I am still a reader. So here’s a small sample of reviews you will find from my Goodreads author page, with very slight editorial revisions. You can’t be much of a writer if you aren’t also a reader. Politics, religion, classic works–you name it, I have read it. So here’s an eclectic mix of books I think you should know about. You may or may not agree with my take on all of them, but they all have contributed in one way or another to how I look at the world and how I myself write.