The Climate Crisis

It’s no longer climate change–it’s now a crisis. That means the change is serious—and getting worse. We need to deal with it NOW. Why? Because of the accelerating change and the trend line. You probably already believe it’s happening. This article will help you inform friends, family and others of the facts–and what needs doing.

The Global Solidarity of Youth: Ushering in a New Era of Hope

Franco-American writer and professor Michele de Gastyne offers her views and agreement on SGI leader Ikeda’s proposal to put youth in the forefront of dealing with the problems of nuclear proliferation, refugees, xenophobia and more. It’s a long and densely worded article, reflecting both the thoughts of Daisaku Ikeda and de Gastyne’s consideration of them.

A Buddhist Perspective on Peaceful Political Change

Not surprisingly, discord persists after the 2016 U.S. elections. This item is not about politics or the election. Rather, it’s a Buddhist perspective for going forward in troubling times. Clearly, there are many complex and contentious issues and challenges facing our country. With an enlightened view of our interconnectedness, compassion and dialogue we can overcome them.

Politics, Policies and Pragmatism—Part 3

Public vs charter vs private schools. School choice. Quality of education. How do neighborhood schools affect the value of your home, your taxes, etc. Which kind of school offers the best education? Is it OK to use taxpayer funds to send kids to private schools? Are public schools failing or succeeding. Lots of questions that you should consider competing answers to. This is our wrap up of politics, policies and pragmatism.

Politics, Policies and Pragmatism–Part 2

In June we introduced this topic with a discussion of the TSA, as an example of the pragmatic considerations of airline passenger safety. This time, let’s look at infrastructure. The effects of aging on concrete and metal are well known. As the ad goes for oil changes, “pay me now or pay me later.” The cost of repairs only increase over time. The consequences of catastrophic failure are real and devastating.

The Dream House

The wonderful thing about a custom built home is that you can have everything exactly as you want. The terrible thing about a custom built home is that you can have everything exactly as you want. Huh? Yes, they’re both true. You actually have to decide what you want. Well, isn’t that the whole point? Yes, but the decisions never stop until all the furnishings are in their final place. For some, it all may be simple enough. For others, it may be so daunting they wouldn’t even consider it. Of course, for many it’s not an option due to the expense or the time it takes to completion.

The Momentary Man

An essay on time and self. “Who am I then, as I change in time? The smarta** that still resurfaces from time to time, occasionally causing myself problems as a result? The doper who once smoked it if he had it, escaping the day or the night for the high time? The seeker of a”