Beating the Myth of Work-Life Balance

Forgo the elusive, and faulty premise, of finding a work/life balance says David Whyte, poet and author. Competing demands seem irreconcilable, sapping energy. Can we focus on the family and still do our best at work? What of time for ourselves? Do texts, calls or emails between work and home help? We can’t be two places at once, of […]

Beauty, Gain and Goodness

84 years ago saw the publication of Tsunesaburo Makiguchi’s book, The System of Value-Creating Pedagogy. Makiguchi identified three values – beauty, gain and goodness. He thought that the purpose of education – schools, families, and society’s purpose in raising children – should be to teach how to create values. Makiguchi came to believe that his educational philosophy of value found religious expression in Nichiren Buddhism.