Worth Noting (9) Things We Think You Should Check Out on the Web

Electric planes! Don’t laugh, companies are working on them. Or how about hooking up pods to the bottom of an “airframe” like cargo containers are moved by rail and truck? Yes, those too are under consideration. Sounds good for cargo, but kinda weird for passengers. Kind of like connecting a cabin like those cars that take you from one terminal to another or out to a plane. Maybe or maybe not. Just more of the odd stuff you can check out on the web–but may come true someday.

Previews of Articles Coming in April

It’s not too late to plan that summer vacation, but don’t dawdle. If you can’t get there this year, we’ll tell you about places that will still be worthwhile another time. Looking for a good book? We’ll review a few for a variety of tastes. Plus if you want to write one yourself, we’ll offer some fresh tips that might come in handy to reach an audience or make it read well. As always, we’ll provide excerpts and links to interesting items we found on the web and this time an interview with a person making a difference.

Previews of Articles Coming in January

More on financial planning (boring or droll–it’s important). Weight-loss techniques that actually WORK–the publisher can prove it! You won’t believe how much he’s lost. Building that dream home–realizing a boomer fantasy; another true-life experience. We’ll explain some alternatives and offer tips on buying a house. Plus the usual: Like an interview and items worth noting

Previews of Articles Coming in October

A big issue coming in October. A special commemorative feature on author/publisher John Maberry’s 2007 memoir on how his experience in Vietnam led to the great fortune of practicing Buddhism. Planning a trip to Orlando’s Walt Disney World–how far out to plan and why to go there. An interesting and exciting interview and much more.

Previews of Articles Coming in July

Great stuff coming in July, on our new schedule. Cirque du Soleil–go see them! How and why to get started early on those retirement savings or maximize them if you didn’t. Tech trends like driverless cars–scary or something to look forward to? An interview with somebody; it will be a surprise but we expect you will find it interesting and we hope inspiring as well.

Worth Noting (6) Things We Think You Should Check Out on the Web

You’re already on the web, so why not check out some of the interesting things we’ve found. A pie for mathematicians–decorated with pi, out to several digits. A comeback to the email spam/scammers that may make you laugh. A not entirely whimsical answer to the question of “how long does it take to write a book”–in short, it depends. Finally, more on the brain/body connection.