Worth Noting (5)–Things We Think You Should Check Out on the Web

You’re already on the web, so why not check out some of these interesting–or odd, things we’re featuring this issue. The ad blocking arms race; your software versus the web sites that want you to see their ads. The not so new but increasing problem with fake news, especially on social media. Funny food labels in stores–ever seen a banana with seeds? We haven’t either.

Previews of Articles Coming in March

What’s coming? See a few highlights from items coming in the next issue. Some humor–but not about politics. More on money–saving for Boomers vs Millennials. Snippets from books not written–our publication agenda for the next decade. A summer travel feature. We’ve been on some good ones. We’ll share our thoughts on what’s worth doing and why.

Worth Noting (4)–Things we think you should check out on the web

You’re already on the web, so why not check out some of these interesting items you’ll find there. Who is countering or disrupting ISIS (AKA Daesh) recruitment efforts and how they’re doing it. (Surprise, it’s the Carter Center!) Cool new technologies coming to smartphones sooner than you think. Houzz–A shopping, design and advice site that we only recently became aware of. Enough with the cute cats and puppies, get some useful AND entertaining stuff.

Previews of Attractions Coming in December

Coming in the December Quarterly, here’s brief highlights of just three of the things you will see. One will be excerpts from the short story collection coming out in time for the 2016 holiday season. Another is the final instalment of Politics, Policies and Pragmatism, the topic to be determined–BY YOU if you care to let us know your preference. Also another in our introduction to web links; this time continuing with writers. That will be D.G. Kaye in December.

Previews of Coming Attractions

OK, not as in movies but articles in the Quarterly. You may have noticed the content on the bottom right, before the shaded area: “Coming in Future Quarterlies.” So let’s be a little more specific. Coming in September, here’s brief synopses of three items you will see. Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from tax-deferred retirement accounts. […]

Worth Noting (3)–Things we think you should check out on the web

You’re already on the web, so why not check out some other interesting items like: Drones could replace $127 billion worth of business services and labor in the near future; or Maria Popova’s commencement address at University of Pennsylvania—“the second I begin comparing my pace to his, my life to his, I’m vacating my own experience of that spring day and ejecting myself into a sort of limbo of life that is neither mine nor his.”

Worth Noting–Interesting Items on the Web

A new feature—links with synopses and some commentary on items curated from other sites which we think are worth checking out. In this first item, we will highlight “The Science of Stress and How Our Emotions Affect Our Susceptibility to Burnout and Disease,” a recent post by one of our favorites, Maria Popova, in her blog Brain Pickings.