Self-Driving Cars–Sooner or Later?

Self-driving cars—coming soon to a road near you? Maybe the computer can act more quickly than a human brain, but what if it fails? Will a driver be so inured to leisure that he or she won’t take over–assuming that they can? Consider the pros and cons. We come down on the cons–for now. Yes, it may be a boon in the future, but let’s make sure we get it right.

Gun Violence in America

How bad is it? What to do about it? This extensive article is reprinted with minor editing for continuity, from a series featured on Views from Eagle Peak, the publisher’s blog, over a span of five weeks beginning in August 2015. It’s about America’s issues with guns, gun deaths and the legal/political attempts to deal with the problem and the media’s coverage of it. We feel it’s important enough to reprint here for those who missed the blog series.