Writing the Memoir–Selected Tips

You weren’t always a success. Maybe you lost a job—or a loved one. Somehow, you survived—or actually thrived. People are encouraged on hearing your story. You thought of sharing it but how? This article has some tips on doing just that. Learn about creative nonfiction and the techniques you need to hold a reader’s attention.

Writing Tips Revisited

We did a four-part series on writing in 2015. Now it’s time for some fresh writing tips–from the author’s perspective and from the web that’s populated with many talented writers. Topics in this item include: the importance reading the works of others. Also a possibly unfamiliar term–microplotting. Finally, the use of a good tagline on your website or blog to attract readers–an essential element in marketing your book(s),

An Interview with D.G. Kaye

D.G. Kaye is a memoir and nonfiction writer living in Canada. She’s already published five books and has begun accumulating material for the next. Her most recent book, “P.S. I Forgive You,” came out in September came out in September. It’s received glowing reviews. Our interview covers her start in writing, including her choice to self-publish. She offers insights into the struggles to overcome family discord–reflected in her books. She also provides tips for fellow or would-be writers.

The Fountain

1190 CE

The shaman looked down on the towering mountain through the eyes of a raven. She was there, in the sacred spot, her hair aflame in the bright sun burning through the oracle window. He circled lower and lower over the dusky dun rocks. Finally he traversed the hole that gave those with the gift the vision

Becoming a Writer–Part 3

In part 2 we discussed where you might publish your writing and how to do it. We focused on tips, techniques and mechanics. Did you take all that in? Maybe as much as you feel you needed? You checked out some other resources and you are ready to put your work out to the world. So now you need to decide how and where.

Becoming a Writer–Part 2

You already decided you want to write and you have an idea of what you want to write. So now you are ready to get started. You fire up your computer or your tablet, or you pick up your pen or pencil. Sure, you can just jump right in. Should you? No, not right away, Why not? Because you want to make sure what you write is of a quality that

Becoming a Writer–Part 1

For some reason, like me, you decided you want to write. Maybe you do have a book in you, just waiting to come out. Maybe you want to become famous, share your innermost thoughts, pass along your vast reservoir of knowledge or simply have fun. With relative ease one can, of course, create an eBook on Amazon or another company. That doesn’t mean anyone will ever read it,