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D.G. Kaye posts tips and information useful to fellow writers on her blog at D.G. Kaye Writer. Some of the helpful items are reposts from the multitude of blogs she follows. Others come from what she has gleaned over the course of her own writing journey or the time she spends searching for info on the web. She does reviews of books by other authors and interviews them as well. D.G. Kaye is a nonfiction writer with five published books. She is busy on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. In this issue of the Quarterly you’ll learn more about her from our interview of her

Here’s a sample of one of her own tips, from http://dgkayewriter.com/3-apps-writing-toolbox/

 “I’ve written a few posts before about how I’ve found a few Apps particularly useful to my writing arsenal. Lately, I’ve noticed people sending me inquiries about the use of some of these Apps, so I’m going to go over them here today, and tell you why Dropbox and Evernote are some of my best picks.”


“Dropbox is a cloud based App that allows you to store copies of anything from documents to photos in a folder for safe keeping and easy access. Sure you may be backing up and/or saving your work on a flash drive or a hard drive, but extra back up with a handy retrieval system is crucial for me. With Dropbox you can access your stored files from anywhere, anytime, even if you aren’t on your own computer.


Evernote has become my best pal of all. . . When I come across an article I’ve found in a newsletter pertaining to something I want to have on hand for future use, I clip it with the Evernote clipper installed on my computer toolbar and the box will open up asking me which file I want to save it to, or give me the option to create a new file.”


Blasty is starting to garner more attention lately, and I’ve previously written 2 posts on how the process works. Blasty is still in beta stages which offers a FREE subscription while still new. I recommend every author sign up for Blasty if you’re concerned about your books being pirated. So far, I’ve ‘Blasted’ almost 300 sites that were pirating free downloads of my books.“

To get a better idea of the scope of her blog, here’s a list of some recent posts. They run the gamut from helping promote books by others, guest posts with helpful tips and personal essays:

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