Eagle Peak Quarterly Becoming an Annual

After much consideration, we find that we cannot do justice to multiple topics in a quarterly edition while meeting our novel publication schedule. Accordingly, our next issue and those following will be an annual. Each edition will focus in depth on fewer featured topics. We plan on including an interview and any breaking news or timely short items as well. News about upcoming releases or other updates will replace the quarterly editions–we won’t saturate subscribers with mail. 🙂

Question: When will the next one come out after this final Quarterly issue?

Answer: We are targeting spring, 2019 for the first annual edition. Exact month to be determined depending on publishing priorities with books in progress.

Question: What will be in the first annual edition?

Answer: We will send out a brief blurb a few weeks ahead. But here are some possibilities.

  • Advice for living—home choices, locations
  • Financial—retirement, investing, taxes
  • Travel—vacations, getting there, insurance
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Buddhism
  • Book reviews and more

2 thoughts on “Eagle Peak Quarterly Becoming an Annual

  1. Always look forward to your articles. 🙂

  2. Me too, except when I’m writing them, LOL.

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