Parks–an Ilustrated Poem


By Juanita Maberry


Ice sheets carved the valleys and formed a mirror-like lake

Ice road meticulously created winding around mountains

Lots of ice long ago, alas no more

 Rocky mountain goat walking in Glacier NP









Steam, bubbling mud and bold bison who own the land and roads

Evidence still remain of several wildfires but the land still endures – still survives

Geysers big and small and old and faithful

Old Faithful geyser, Yellowstone NP



Chasm of color deep and wide, changing scenery north to south

A mile deep and many wide

Tightroped across and four-footed down

Mighty river carved

 Grand Canyon North Rim



Winding roads through rolling hills

Displays beautiful fall hues of gold and red

Home to deer and bears

Black bear cubs Shenandoah



Water trickles over jagged rocks

Water rushes over jagged rocks

Hidden in a forest glen

Many hidden hiking trails

 Blackwater Falls West Virginia



Ocean waves batter a sandy shore

Sand, seagulls

Sand, sea oats

Sand, sandpipers

Sand, sand crabs

Sand, sand dunes

Narrow strip goes north and south

Washed away and rebuilt

Shorebird on Hatteras Island beach


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