Previews of Articles Coming in April

Summer Travel—North and West

In April of 2017, we covered some East Coast destinations. In April 2018 we’ll head north and west for other places to go. Most don’t require planning far in advance—but if you plan on bringing pets, you might want to get started sooner as those places fill up first.

Writing Tips Revisited

We did it before, in a multi-part series (you can download it here). It’s time for some fresh tips. We’ll surprise you with something a little less comprehensive but timely.

Book Reviews

We got behind on our reading last year. We’re catching up now. Look for for some reviews of books we’ve recently read—plus some from long ago that you might want to consider. You never know when some studio will decide to do (or remake) a story from the past.

What Else?

An interview with someone who is making a difference, stuff to see on the web and other trending items you’ll want to read about. Who knows what will tech news or discoveries will be posted on one site or another.

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