Previews of Articles Coming in January

Estimating Your Income Needs for Retirement

In the July 2017 Quarterly, we emphasized the importance of starting early in saving for retirement. We deferred (a little retirement saving humor there  😎) exploring how much you might actually need. Like most financial planning and decision-making, it depends. We’ll offer some clues on what those variables might be and how to reach tentative conclusions. After all, if you’re starting early, your needs and plans may change by the time you actually leave the workforce!

Weight Loss Techniques that Work

So you want to lose a few pounds—or many of them. You see the ads for programs, products and diets. They all promise the moon—or at least a sliver off the moon (pun intended). Some are costly. Others may be less than healthy or less than to your taste preferences. We’ll offer some simple solutions that won’t break the bank or deprive you of foods you like.

Building That Dream Home—a Boomer’s Fantasy

We did it and you can too—if you really want to. We’ll explain how we did it. But if that’s not on your list of retirement (or current) objectives, we’ll suggest some alternatives. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune but a custom built home will typically be more than one in a subdivision. Maybe you just want to downsize and live in a condo. This isn’t your article. But in a later one we’ll explore choosing the locale if you’re ready to move from where you live now. If it’s a condo you want, you can find them most places you could move to. We will also offer some tips on buying that house—new or resale (note that cars are used, homes are resales).

What Else?

An interview with someone who is making a difference, stuff to see on the web and other trending items you’ll want to read about. Maybe electric planes—yes, short-haul electric planes may be coming soon to an airport near you.

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