Previews of Articles Coming in March

Here’s a few highlights from four of the items coming in the March 2017 Quarterly.

Humor—After the U.S. Presidential Election we can all use some humor, right? So let’s not do humor about that, OK? Of course, there are funny stories about politics, but we won’t go there. We’ll do silly stuff. Speaking of stuff, if you liked the late George Carlin’s routine on stuff, you’ll like this. Word games and more. If I told you now, it wouldn’t be funny. You’ll just have to wait for it.

More on Money—Boomers vs Millennials. They all need to know about saving for the future versus having it now. So this is possibly a new series. Can’t be sure; just stay tuned. Or subscribe and get updates that will give you a heads up before the next issue comes up on the web.

A bold exposition—snippets of novels not yet written. Yes, teasers for works coming not just in 2017 but also into the next decade. Perhaps even beyond. Science fiction, mysteries, thrillers and more. Who said a publisher OR a writer must do only one thing? Some may be in genres you like but others not. It helps when food and shelter doesn’t depend on book sales, giving us the option to do what we like. Here’s just one teaser to get you started, but be aware that words will very likely change in the published works—for now they’re conceptual. More coming in March!

The grelm neither ate nor or drank. Like a tree, it drew sustenance from the wetland soil, the fog and the rain. Warmed by the sun, it took pleasure in the light of the moon. For nearly a thousand years, it weathered winters, hurricanes and tropical storms in the lowlands extending into the bay. Its survival grew more precarious as the sea level continued advancing year by year, gobbling more and more of the land. It knew nothing of climate change but worry crept into its mind. Perhaps I chose wrongly when the ship crashed. Perhaps I should have moved farther inland, despite the pain. There were other inlets I might have settled in. Too late now to move, its roots—figuratively and literally, were sunk deeply in the place.

A summer travel preview—places we’ve been that you might like

We’ve been on many great summer vacations over the years—with kids and without; with dogs and without. We’ll give you our suggestions on options of where to go. Sorry we may not be able to offer as many links for these that we did for our trip to Alaska and the Yukon. This will primarily be a feature on ideas and experiences. You’ll want to do your own research on booking and planning according to your preferences. But we’ll give you as much as we can to get started.

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