Previews of Articles Coming in October

A commemorative article on two integrally related events:

  • The tenth anniversary of the publication of Waiting for Westmoreland, a memoir by John Maberry which came out in September 2007. We’ll present some synopses and excerpts of the book, explaining why he felt compelled to write and publish it. Eagle Peak Press will also extend special discount offers to obtain the book in paper or electronic format throughout the month of October.
  • The 50th anniversary (so LONG ago) of the author’s arrival in the Republic of South Vietnam in September 1967. He spent an entire year there, at the height of the American involvement of the war—when over 500,000 US military forces were there. After his discharge from the military a year later, he participated in his first antiwar march in October 1969.

A special travel feature by Juanita Maberry on visiting Walt Disney World in Florida. She has been there on countless occasions. Most recently, she will have been there in August/September of 2017. She will give you the scoop on planning, when to visit and how far out you should be scheduling your trip—if you want to make the most of the time and money you will spend going there. Plus, she’ll include a review of the newest attraction, Pandora—the World of Avatar.

Highlights, explanation and excerpts from Daisaku Ikeda’s 2017 Peace Proposal. Each year since 1983, Soka Gakkai International (SGI) leader Daisaku Ikeda has presented a proposal on making the world a better place. Long-time SGI member Michele de Gastyne will offer her commentary on this year’s proposal.

An interview, we hope, with a fellow Vietnam War veteran who spent one year in the military and six more as a contract worker for the CIA. If this Buddhist friend is unable to participate in October, we will find another of person of value to readers.


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