Smorgasbord, Variety is the Spice of Life–the fifth of our links to writer sites

Sally Cronin’s fabulous site is indeed a smorgasbord. Colloquially, people apply this term to all sorts of things beyond the Scandinavian term for a buffet meal. Being of Norwegian descent in part, I know about the latter. Not so ironically, a fair bit of Sally’s site does deal with health and nutrition—i.e., food. But it also covers medical topics, travel and much more. We include it here for all the writing she does herself as well as the promotion of other writers through featuring their writing. There’s no pigeonhole in which to put this site—so the title is quite apt. It’s a fitting end (for now) to the category of links to writer sites.

The best thing we can do is offer a potpourri of items from the site to illustrate its scope and breadth. We’ll conclude with some links to her own works, which are well worth sampling. First, here’s what Sally has to say about herself, on her site.

Sally G. Cronin

I have been a storyteller most of my life (my mother called them fibs!). Poetry, song lyrics and short stories were left behind when work and life intruded, but that all changed in 1996. My first book Size Matters was a health and weight loss book based on my own experiences of losing 70 kilo. I have written another ten books since then on health and also fiction including three collections of short stories. I am an indie author and proud to be one. My greatest pleasure comes from those readers who enjoy my take on health, characters and twisted endings . . . and of course come back for more.

So let’s get started with some samples:

Smorgasbord Health Directory


There are many myths surrounding Cholesterol.  This is an essential substance necessary for some of the most critical functions in the human body.  The brain and our reproductive systems require cholesterol to be healthy . . . driving overall levels too low can have a far reaching consequences.


William Price King – A Man and his Music – Jazz, Classical and Contemporary Legends


Welcome to the music of William Price King who has introduced us to the legends of jazz, classical and contemporary music over the last three years.


About William Price King.


William Price King is an American jazz singer, musician and composer. Originally he studied classical music and opera but over the years his style has evolved to what many refer to as the ‘sweet point’ where music and voice come together so beautifully. His vocal mentors are two of the greatest giants in jazz, Nat King Cole and Mel Torme. His jazz album, ‘Home,’ is a collection of contemporary songs and whilst clearly a homage to their wonderful legacy it brings a new and refreshing complexity to the vocals that is entrancing.


His latest album Eric Sempe and William Price King is now available to download. The repertory includes standards such as “Bye Bye Blackbird” (a jazz classic), Sting’s “Englishman in New York,” Queen’s “The Show Must Go On”, Led Zepplin’s “Stairway to Heaven” and other well-known jazz, pop, and rock classics.


William and Eric Sempe have also brought their own magic to the album with original tracks such as Keep on Dreaming and Red Snow with collaboration with Jeanne King
Download the new album.


Sally offers many tips to fellow authors on marketing their work, as well as promoting them on her site in Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore. Rather than trying to explain, just click on this link.

In addition to much useful information on the site itself, Sally is a writer of many books. Look here:

Check out her books and reviews page for 2019including reviews, more buy links, etc.

Her current books available on Amazon, the Moyhill  site and  Smashwords. 


All except for Just Food for Health are available in E-versions for most readers. You can buy all her books from her own bookstore at the Moyhill site but also on



Amazon UK:

Amazon India:



More reviews can be found on Goodreads


Most books are slightly cheaper on the Moyhill publishing site with secure payments as there is no withholding tax or VAT.  The link for each book is at the bottom of the descriptions.

Her latest book was published on July 27th 2017 – What’s in Name – Volume Two – Stories of life and romance. Buy it here for print or here for eBook

About What’s in a Name Volume Two

Our legacy is not always about money or fame, but rather in the way that people remember our name after we have gone. In these sixteen short stories we discover the reasons why special men and women will stay in the hearts and minds of those who have met them. Romance, revenge and sacrifice all play their part in the lives of these characters.


Kenneth watches the love of his life dance on New Year’s Eve while Lily plants very special flowers every spring for her father. Martha helps out a work colleague as Norman steps back out into the world to make a difference. Owen brings light into a house and Patrick risks his life in the skies over Britain and holds back from telling a beautiful redhead that he loves her.


Meet Queenie and Rosemary who have both lost their husbands and must face a very different future. One that will take courage and the use of new technology.


Sonia is an entitled princess whose father has reached the end of his tether and Theresa has to deal with a bully in the checkout. Usher is an arrogant narcissist with a docile wife and is used to getting his own way and Vanessa worries about the future of her relationship with her teenage son.


Walter is a loner and is happy with just his dog for company, Xenia is the long awaited first baby of a young couple. Yves is a dashing romeo who has the tables turned on him unexpectedly and Zoe… Well she can see into the future.


In one way or another all these characters will be remembered by those whose lives they have touched.

12 thoughts on “Smorgasbord, Variety is the Spice of Life–the fifth of our links to writer sites

  1. Wow! So great to see Sally featured here John, she’s a legend in our blog world and thrilled to call her a good friend too. I will share in her circles too. 🙂

  2. John thank you so much for this wonderful surprise and love the way you have presented the blog.. and me.. And thank you for being part of the blog.. it is a collaboration bringing together some wonderfully talented writers who make me look good. The community that we are part of is one of the best in the world. It still amazes me that we have the ability to communicate around the world and share our lives and work.. Thank you so much again… I am delighted.

  3. Nice job, John. Sally is always promoting bloggers, (including me) and still continues to write wonderful books. She is an fast becoming an Icon in the blogging circle. Thank you for sharing, John. Well done.

    • John Maberry

      Thank you, Patricia. You are quite right! Must return the favor for Sally. 🙂

    • That is very kind Patricia I am very flattered.. I am just doing something that I love and enjoy.. you guys make it work. hugs x

  4. Sally is a treasure and I’m thrilled to see her here!

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