Eagle Peak Annual

Like to get away and see a sunset?
People around us reflect the state of our own lives
Would you notice this bowl missing?

Summer Trips for This or any Year

Do you have children—big or small? Are you seeking adventure, escape, relaxation or sightseeing? We’ll offer some highlights from places we’ve been and things we’ve done—mostly with children from seven to seventeen but also without. We’ll mention optional things that you might prefer to do that we didn’t at these locations. Lots of links for [...]

Some Words of Wisdom

Buddhist leader, philosopher and educator Daisaku Ikeda offers encouraging words on many issues. Here are a few quotations on transcending differences, finding compassion and empathy for others and exerting yourself to make not only your own life happier but the lives of others as well. "If you light a lantern for another, it will brighten [...]

Snippets from Novels to Come

We’re bringing you teasers for works coming not just in 2017, but also into the next decade. Perhaps even beyond. Science fiction, mysteries, thrillers and more. The titles may change. So may the excerpts. While we have invested a fair amount of time on some, we’re nowhere near the final drafts on most. Others remain [...]

March Madness

NO, it's not about basketball--it's stuff we hope you'll find funny, if a little quirky. Some have previously appeared on John Maberry’s Writings or Views from Eagle Peak. Others are brand new. Let’s start with a recent one from John’s Writings--The Thief with a Bellyache. Next, it's the power of a sneeze, a new item.

Worth Noting (6) Things We Think You Should Check Out on the Web

You're already on the web, so why not check out some of the interesting things we've found. A pie for mathematicians--decorated with pi, out to several digits. A comeback to the email spam/scammers that may make you laugh. A not entirely whimsical answer to the question of "how long does it take to write a [...]

Previews of Articles Coming in July

Great stuff coming in July, on our new schedule. Cirque du Soleil--go see them! How and why to get started early on those retirement savings or maximize them if you didn't. Tech trends like driverless cars--scary or something to look forward to? An interview with somebody; it will be a surprise but we expect you [...]

Jean’s Writing—the third of our links to writer sites

Jean Cogdell posts tips and information useful to fellow writers on her blog at jean's writing. She has written three children’s books and a daily journal. She also has had items published in a variety of magazines. She’s been writing for a while, but she doesn’t say how long. She does say this about her [...]