Eagle Peak Annual

Susan works on global issues with NGOs and the UN; it's a tough job. She tells us how she got on this path, wearing many hats.
Award-winning musician Herbie Hancock offers tips on Buddhism
Pragmatism, in essence, says truth is all about consequences. Value lies in doing what works.

An Interview with Susan Zipp

Susan Zipp lives in the San Francisco Bay Area yet her passion for international affairs takes her all around the world. Wearing many hats to make the world a better, more peaceful place, she works in affiliation with the United Nations to empower the individual, particular women and children, and develops interactive group networks to [...]

Wisdom versus Knowledge

Renowned musician Herbie Hancock is the 2014 Charles Eliot Norton Professor of Poetry at Harvard University. In that capacity, he delivered six lectures on The Ethics of Jazz. In this video clip from Buddhism and Creativity, his fifth lecture, he explains the difference between wisdom and knowledge. See the full video for more you'll like.

Buddhism and Pragmatism–Part 2

“The core of pragmatism was the pragmatist maxim, a rule for clarifying the contents of hypotheses by tracing their ‘practical consequences’. In the work of Peirce and James, the most influential application of the pragmatist maxim was to the concept of truth.” "[Pragmatism] has significantly influenced non-philosophers—notably in the fields of law, education, politics, sociology, [...]

Parks–an Ilustrated Poem

An illustrated poem you can both read and see. The photos reveal inspiration for her impressions. The words describe the places. Here is a sample of the first three lines: Ice sheets carved the valleys and formed a mirror-like lake; Ice road meticulously created winding around mountains; Lots of ice long ago, alas no more.

The Butterfly and the Dragon

Her iridescent blue scales flashed brightly in the morning light streaming through the glass-enclosed boardroom, holding their attention as she presented her report. “Sales of the home DNA repair kits are better than expected,” Roz told the Dragon directors. “The humans are defenseless against appeals to their vanity—not to mention their insecurities about gene-linked disease. [...]