Eagle Peak Annual

Going forward in troubling times
Public schools--charters and vouchers, a hot item
D.G. Kaye writes serious and sometimes funny memoirs

A Buddhist Perspective on Peaceful Political Change

Not surprisingly, discord persists after the 2016 U.S. elections. This item is not about politics or the election. Rather, it's a Buddhist perspective for going forward in troubling times. Clearly, there are many complex and contentious issues and challenges facing our country. With an enlightened view of our interconnectedness, compassion and dialogue we can overcome [...]

Politics, Policies and Pragmatism—Part 3

Public vs charter vs private schools. School choice. Quality of education. How do neighborhood schools affect the value of your home, your taxes, etc. Which kind of school offers the best education? Is it OK to use taxpayer funds to send kids to private schools? Are public schools failing or succeeding. Lots of questions that [...]

An Interview with D.G. Kaye

D.G. Kaye is a memoir and nonfiction writer living in Canada. She's already published five books and has begun accumulating material for the next. Her most recent book, "P.S. I Forgive You," came out in September came out in September. It's received glowing reviews. Our interview covers her start in writing, including her choice to [...]

The Fountain and More–a Speculative Fiction Collection Coming Soon

Coming soon from Eagle Peak Press—The Fountain and More, a Speculative Fiction Collection. We had hoped to make it available for the holidays but missed that target. Instead, it will be out early in 2017. Our loss is your gain. You can receive a FREE digital copy of the collection. How? Subscribe to Eagle Peak [...]

Worth Noting (5)–Things We Think You Should Check Out on the Web

You're already on the web, so why not check out some of these interesting--or odd, things we're featuring this issue. The ad blocking arms race; your software versus the web sites that want you to see their ads. The not so new but increasing problem with fake news, especially on social media. Funny food labels [...]

Previews of Articles Coming in March

What's coming? See a few highlights from items coming in the next issue. Some humor--but not about politics. More on money--saving for Boomers vs Millennials. Snippets from books not written--our publication agenda for the next decade. A summer travel feature. We've been on some good ones. We'll share our thoughts on what's worth doing and [...]

D.G. Kaye Writer—the 2nd of our links to writer sites

As we noted in the last Quarterly, our redesigned site now features new links. This issue includes an introduction to D.G. Kaye, our second link in the Writer category. Kaye is the author of five books published in digital format, as well as in paper. Her site features tips for writers. Some by herself and [...]