Eagle Peak Annual

Yes, glaciers ARE melting, all around the world. It's part of the crisis
What in the world will you be doing in your later years?
A life well lived brings a happy death

The Climate Crisis

It's no longer climate change--it's now a crisis. That means the change is serious—and getting worse. We need to deal with it NOW. Why? Because of the accelerating change and the trend line. You probably already believe it's happening. This article will help you inform friends, family and others of the facts--and what needs doing.

The Third Age—Living It and Loving It

Are you retired or will be soon? Are you living your dreams? Enjoying your golden years? Got a plan if you're not there yet? We have the info you need--money, travel, staying involved, health and more. You don't have to be rich, you just need ideas. We have some, plus a guide to finding many [...]

Perspectives on the Eternity of Life–and a Remembrance

We all will die someday--that's a certainty. How we live our lives will make a difference on what happens thereafter. Heaven, hell, rebirth--your faith and your choice. If nothing else, a life lived well offers an easier death and good memories of you by others. Read on for perspectives on a different view of eternity.

More Writing Tips–New and Revisited

If you're a writer--aspiring or otherwise, tips are always welcome. You can never know too much about the art or craft of writing. More tools, more ways to connect with a reader. We get so many, so often, it's hard to keep up with them. Bookmark these. Then try them when you have the time.

Images from Here and There–Landscape and More

A photo gallery from our own home--outdoors. Southwestern New Mexico may be arid but it's not a desert. Lots of beautiful flowers bloom here--even if they are atop cacti. The rocks are pretty in the West as well. So too further north. We love it here but we're going more places in the Third Age.

Works in Progress–Coming from Eagle Peak Press

We have an ambitious schedule for the next several years. Lots of books coming--short story collections, Sci-fi, mysteries and more. Read all about it in this compilation of works in progress. PLUS read excerpts or samples of the new short story collection coming for the 2019 holidays. The stories range from flash fiction to traditional [...]