Eagle Peak Annual

Will American Democracy survive? Will we transcend racism?
This sculptor's life was tougher than most--read it here!
Have a story to tell? Maybe you can encourage or inspire others.

Three Books on Two of America’s Three Crises

All previous democracies have eventually failed. Many have drifted into authoritarianism. Since its founding, America has countenanced subjugation of ethnic and racial minorities. Strides have been made, but the nation remains divided. Both by politics and by race. Can it finally become that shining city on a hill?

Giannoulis Chalepas–The Greek Rodin

Great art is often thought to come from those who have suffered much. In the case of Giannoulis Chalepas, it's true. A mother who opposed his dream of sculpting. A lost love and more. Yet his work is renowned. See photos of it here. Find his work in the National Gallery, Greece.

Writing the Memoir–Selected Tips

You weren’t always a success. Maybe you lost a job—or a loved one. Somehow, you survived—or actually thrived. People are encouraged on hearing your story. You thought of sharing it but how? This article has some tips on doing just that. Learn about creative nonfiction and the techniques you need to hold a reader's attention.

Upcoming from Eagle Peak–a Multigenre Collection

"I gazed in rapt wonder at the dark night sky, nearly asleep in the deck’s recliner. Then came the sound. I swear, I did hear the Dog Star barking at me." So a story begins. Micro or flash fiction. Even a bit of verse. Fast reads or leisure time escapes--your choice. Suspense, humor, relationships, nature . . .

Reviews of Five Books We Recommend

Books--escape, information, inspiration. Read them on a device, in paper or listen to them in the car or at home. Check out the ones we reviewed and recommend here. They fit those reasons and more. We read a lot--you probably do too. We are constantly expanding our horizons, going beyond favorites, looking for new writers.