Eagle Peak Annual

Forgiveness--an answer to violence
Using a CPAP is not as bad as you think
No tips from Ernie but still worth reading

Finding Forgiveness–Practicing Peace

America, for all its promise and virtues, has been and remains a violent country. One has only to read its history and watch nightly news. Challenging that violence is an ongoing battle waged by people of goodwill from various religious faiths or strongly held humanistic convictions. Find some unique perspectives on peace and forgiveness here.

Sleep Apnea–Know the Symptoms and Don’t Ignore It

You've heard about sleep apnea, right? You know what a CPAP is, too. But you don't think you have the problem and you sure don't want to wear a CPAP to bed, do you! Well, denial of a problem doesn't make it go away. Learn about the immediate and long-term consequences of untreated sleep apnea. [...]

Writing Tips Revisited

We did a four-part series on writing in 2015. Now it's time for some fresh writing tips--from the author's perspective and from the web that's populated with many talented writers. Topics in this item include: the importance reading the works of others. Also a possibly unfamiliar term--microplotting. Finally, the use of a good tagline on [...]

Reviews of Books We Liked (or Didn’t)–4

As a writer, editor and publisher I am still a reader. So here's another small sample (the fourth) of reviews you will find on my Goodreads author page, with very slight editorial revisions. You can't be much of a writer if you aren't also a reader. I've always been a big reader. See what an author thinks [...]

Publishing and Other Forms of Insanity–our second link to writing resources

Erica Verrillo has an abundance of helpful tips for writers and would-be writers on her hilariously named blog--Publishing . . . and Other Forms of Insanity. If you're in that target audience you'll learn where and when conferences are being held, agents and periodicals looking for submissions, writing contests with no entry fees, and more.

Eagle Peak Quarterly Becoming an Annual

Quarterly or Annual? As you can see from the title of this article--an annual is the answer. Read more about why and what to expect in our next issue, coming in 2019. More of the same kind of content, but with a greater depth and a tighter focus that an annual can more easily offer.

Worth Noting (10) Things We Think You Should Check Out on the Web

From serious to surprising this quarter: cloud security and web-connected appliance privacy to the unexpected way we rid ourselves of fat. As in the security of your Dropbox account and concerns with "smart toasters." Also the surprising place fat goes when our body is done processing food--it's not where you think! Read on for details.