Eagle Peak Annual

Robinson explains how he transcended a debilitating illness and found a mission for peace.
Wise words from Jim Lehrer about how simple persistence can lead to completing a book.
Put simply, both Buddhism and Pragmatism place great stock in common sense.

Keith Robinson’s Experience with Buddhism

This is my strange story of the unlikely encounter of a lonely sickly boy and the greatest philosopher of our time, in the world's most beautiful city. My practice of Buddhism began at the age of thirteen in Los Angeles. My oldest brother introduced me. Those were the pioneering days of our movement in North [...]

Becoming a Writer–A Preview of a New Series

A new series is coming on writing and publishing a book. Like other topics, it will be neither exhaustive nor comprehensive—just something to get you started. The first substantial look at this will be in the February edition. For now, we will just do a preview. From an interview with Jim Lehrer, PBS guru and [...]

Buddhism and Pragmatism–Part 3

We have set forth basic principles of both Buddhism and Pragmatism in the two previous articles. In the process, we gave some hints of the correlations between the two. In this concluding article we will elaborate on those connections. There is a long history of common conceptual understandings, even before the existence of Pragmatism as [...]

Dating and Dancing–An Excerpt from Waiting for Westmoreland

Now that I lived in the small town of Midland, I suffered from limited mobility. There was no public transportation and Bill would not allow me to drive their Volkswagen bus, the one vehicle he and Lorraine owned at the time. The cost of his car insurance would have more than doubled had he allowed [...]

Wayne Shorter Introduces the Power of Women Exhibit

Wayne Shorter is a co-president of the International Coalition of Artists for Peace (ICAP). According to this jazz virtuoso, the power of women was shown to him at an early age, especially through the example of his mother. In this video introduction to ICAP’s most recent exhibition, Voices of Change—The Power of Women, Mr. Shorter [...]

The Carter Center–Waging Peace, Fighting Disease, Building Hope

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife founded the Carter Center in 1982, in partnership with Emory University. By the time his presidency ended, his approval rating had dropped into the 30 percent range. As the head of the non-profit, non-governmental organization he leads, he now enjoys an approval rating in the mid 60% [...]