Eagle Peak Annual

Take a ride from the Yukon to Skagway
Infrastructure is not a just campaign slogan. It's a real problem.
Have it your way--if you can.

North to Alaska–and the Yukon

Have you toured Alaska or the Yukon? From our recent experience this summer we highly recommend it. The experience turned into one of our most memorable and rewarding vacations. We have gone on many wonderful vacations across America's National Parks and Monuments, as well as enjoying plenty of state and local attractions as well. What [...]

Politics, Policies and Pragmatism–Part 2

In June we introduced this topic with a discussion of the TSA, as an example of the pragmatic considerations of airline passenger safety. This time, let’s look at infrastructure. The effects of aging on concrete and metal are well known. As the ad goes for oil changes, “pay me now or pay me later.” The [...]

The Dream House

The wonderful thing about a custom built home is that you can have everything exactly as you want. The terrible thing about a custom built home is that you can have everything exactly as you want. Huh? Yes, they’re both true. You actually have to decide what you want. Well, isn’t that the whole point? [...]

Required Minimum Distributions–The Basics

This article is about the basics, the ins and outs of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from tax-deferred retirement accounts. Even if you are nowhere near retirement, you might still find this information helpful for the future, especially if you are the beneficiary of someone else’s retirement account. If you read the financial news online, in [...]

Worth Noting (4)–Things we think you should check out on the web

You're already on the web, so why not check out some of these interesting items you'll find there. Who is countering or disrupting ISIS (AKA Daesh) recruitment efforts and how they're doing it. (Surprise, it's the Carter Center!) Cool new technologies coming to smartphones sooner than you think. Houzz--A shopping, design and advice site that [...]

Previews of Attractions Coming in December

Coming in the December Quarterly, here’s brief highlights of just three of the things you will see. One will be excerpts from the short story collection coming out in time for the 2016 holiday season. Another is the final instalment of Politics, Policies and Pragmatism, the topic to be determined--BY YOU if you care to [...]

Brainpickings–a contemplative curation of writers and one of our weblinks

When we redesigned this site we added two new categories of weblinks--writers and writing resources. We will move on alphabetically through those two categories, exploring the links one by one. This month we begin with writer Maria Popova's website, Brain Pickings. She says about site: "Brain Pickings is my one-woman labor of love — a [...]