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Not quite everything, but a great deal of what you need to know about self-publishing
Yes, America does have more gun violence than anywhere else. Why? How much? What to do?
Listen to funny guy Jimmy Anicet offer some insights on becoming happy

Becoming a Writer–Part 4: Self-Publishing, Marketing & Resources

Decided to self-publish? So which company? How to choose?   Let’s say you have decided to self-publish. You will do or pay for all of the marketing and promotion. Most sites or companies that will help you self-publish will happily sell you these services as well. Here’s where the skepticism and smart shopping comes in. [...]

Gun Violence in America

How bad is it? What to do about it? This extensive article is reprinted with minor editing for continuity, from a series featured on Views from Eagle Peak, the publisher’s blog, over a span of five weeks beginning in August 2015. It’s about America’s issues with guns, gun deaths and the legal/political attempts to deal [...]

Reviews of Books We Liked (or Didn’t)

  As a writer, editor and publisher I am still a reader. So here’s a small sample of reviews you will find from my Goodreads author page, with very slight editorial revisions. You can’t be much of a writer if you aren’t also a reader. Politics, religion, classic works–you name it, I have read it. So here’s [...]

Buddhist in America–what it means to Jimmy Anicet

The SGI-USA website has a continuing feature on what it means to be a Buddhist in America. Jimmy Anicet is just one of many people whose experiences have been chronicled in a video on their site. From a guy who grew up with a stutter and a language learning delay he has become a standup [...]

Worth Noting–Things We Think You Should See on the Web

Remember Daraprim? The drug that went from $13.50 to $750–PER PILL? The CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals has taken quite a bashing but is so far unrepentant. Maybe he will change his mind now that he has competition. Imprimis, a San Diego based drug company announced on October 23, 2015 that they would be offering a $1 [...]

An Introduction to the ACLU–one of our weblinks

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)—controversial but essential. Their perspective is the U.S. Constitution, focusing on the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights exists to avoid a tyranny of the majority and the overreaching by government officials. As such, the ACLU sues  to stop actions that may be very popular among some segments of [...]