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Waiting for Westmoreland–Tenth Anniversary Edition 

A memoir by John Maberry—this new edition includes an expanded epilogue and a foreword by a retired diplomat and environmental leader

Here’s what the book is about:

The true story of a 20th century Candide. As a boy, the author suffers the death of loved ones. Spending a year in Vietnam, with its readily available sex and drugs, thoroughly corrupts his youth. Then the political realities of the war and Watergate shatter his idealistic illusions about America. So, to reclaim his virtue and ideals, he thinks he must reform the people or institutions that failed him.

His quest for change becomes a frustrating pursuit. Finally, he encounters a person who reveals that the credit or blame for all of life’s events lies within. Looking for happiness outside oneself is fruitless. Reforming oneself, not changing others, is the means for attaining happiness and for making the world a better place.


The Fountain and six more stories–a Kindle book

A fantasy and sci-fi collection from John Maberry The cover of The Fountain

  • The Fountain–a long dead shaman, an unscrupulous scavenger and the pain of karma
  • Alfred’s Rare Blood Disorder–how could a vampire get sick?
  • Lily, an Amazing Dog–adopted by a family, she turns out to have some special gifts
  • The Closet Door–Dan sees someone he doesn’t know in a bathroom mirror, himself, but it gets worse
  • The Wizard–a caster of spells takes on the challenge of helping a princess to escape his oath to an evil queen, with surprising results
  • The Flame–a frustrated writer sees a strange column of flame off the coast of the Outer Banks–or does he
  • The Fribble–the opening instalment of a strange encounter that a pharmaceutical researcher has in the Amazon Rainforest