Submission FAQs

What We Publish

Q: What are you looking for? What will you put up on your site?

A:  We will include prose, poetry, photography, video clips and more.

Q:  What topics or subjects? 

A: We are looking for fresh perspectives on the issues of the day–climate change, economics, war and peace. We favor pragmatic approaches with a humanistic imperative. This can take the form of commentary, analysis of news or events, personal essays or opinions, as well as short fiction. Look at the site, explore the links and our descriptive text to get a feel for where we are coming from. Popular romance, horror and other genre fiction is generally NOT what we are looking for in the Quarterly. We love to read some of them, but they won’t fit here. Still, if you think you can use some elements of such writing in a way that touches the Eagle Peak perspective, send it and we will look at it.

Q: Any prohibited items?

A: We will not accept or publish partisan political essays. Objective commentary, with unslanted pros and cons on issues may be published at times. Editorial opinions are generally the province of the publisher.  We will not accept or publish pornography or link to pornographic sites. What those items include, most people understand. When in doubt, it is our call on whether it is or it isn’t. 

Q:  Are previously published materials permissible?

A:  Yes, in most cases, provided you own the rights or are permitted to do so. You will need to note where and when your submission was published previously.

Q: Is there a submission length limit?

A: Yes, but it is somewhat flexible. On the web, 1,500 words is as far as most readers are willing to go. Many will stop well before then. Nonetheless, if your writing is really compelling, 2,000 words or more might not be too much. But if you really want to submit 5,000 words here and we find it worthwhile, we could break it into two or three pieces and serialize it over multiple issues. Send it and we will get back to you.

NOTE: You are most welcome to include a link to your own website, in an item for publication in the Quarterly provided that you provide a link to this site. If we find something objectionable (legal issues, outrageously offensive material or the like) on your site, we will contact you before cutting the link in most cases.

Publishing Rights and Copyright

Q: What rights am I granting to Eagle Peak Press?

A: You are granting us a nonexclusive license to display your material on this site for an unlimited time, in any way we determine appropriate. Bear in mind that search engines and other entities may cache or archive the material even after it is no longer displayed here.

Q: How do I protect my rights in the material I submit?

A: Begin by putting the copyright symbol © and the words “copyright (insert your name) 2016, etc.” at the end of your article. That is legally sufficient to establish your claim that you created the material. However, enforcing a copyright by alleging someone has infringed (stolen) your work will be enhanced if you register the piece with the U.S. Copyright Office or similar offices in other countries.That may not be a worthwhile expense in time or money for a short piece posted here.

Q: What about future use of the material I submit?

A: As noted above, the license you grant to us is non-exclusive. In other words, this does not impair your right to publish or sell the item elsewhere if that is or becomes possible. Should we wish to include your item in a publication sold to the public, we will negotiate compensation for those rights with you before doing so.

Photography, Videos and Artwork

Q: Is there a limit on the image size I can upload?

A: Yes, please keep files well under 500 kb. PNG is a good format for the web–with a small footprint.

Q:  What kind of image format can I submit?

A:  Any of the standard image formats are OK.  But no TIFFs; which are too large in file size.

Q:  Is the a maximum length to videos? 

A:  Five minutes or less is preferable.

NOTE: As with poetry, prose, essays, etc., it is imperative that you can grant us permission to embed your image or video. Please do not grab images or videos from the web that you do not own or require attribution that you are unable to provide.