Want to submit an article for the Eagle Peak Annual?

Maybe you aren’t sure if your material is what well-paying markets are looking for. Maybe you are just getting started.  Or it’s an item that isn’t quite right for your blog, social media or other communities. If it’s an experience with the practice of Buddhism, great; we may be able to use it. If it’s some other interesting topic we will be happy to consider it. We cannot compensate you for web publication, but if what you submit looks good or attracts attention, it may wind up as part of a published anthology. In that case, we will negotiate rights with you. Otherwise, we retain an unlimited license to maintain an article indefinitely as part of an archived issue. 

Please contact us if you wish to submit something. Put Submission in the subject block. Also, include a brief synopsis of the item.  We will get in touch with you if we want you to send us the full article. All submissions are subject to approval and minor editing for format, etc. No matter who you are, if you created it, all rights for further publication, serialization, etc., remain with you–provided you have the rights. HOWEVER, see the last sentence of the paragraph above. Please don’t submit copyrighted material if you are not the copyright holder.

Please Read the FAQs for submission before submitting anything. 

Want to publish a book?

Interested in publishing book-length fiction or nonfiction? Regretfully, we are unable to accept unsolicited material for publication at this time. If we do publish something from you in the Quarterly, we may in the future offer assistance or invite you to submit something for consideration as a book.